Thursday, January 29

Warriors Need to Make a Big Move


As an unapologetic Golden State Warriors Fan I need to vent. I had already written off this team a couple months ago, but after that embarrassing non-effort against Dallas I'm convinced it's time to make a move. Warriors have now lost 8 in a row on the road. They sputtered OFFENSIVELY and got molested by the Mavs on ESPN. Biedrins got outplayed by Eric 'Freaking' Dampier. Let me repeat. Eric "Doggin' it" DAMPIER.

If the rumors of Amare Stoudamire wanting out of Phoenix are the least bit true the Warriors need to say: "Here's our roster, who do you want?"

The deal makes so much sense for the Warriors. Amare's value is at it's lowest ebb. He's unhappy being the #2 or 3 option in Phoenix' Shaq oriented half-court ball. Amare's numbers are down. But he's only 27 years old. Just last year he averaged 25 and 9 in D'Antoni's run and gun system that is pretty similar to Nelson's. And Nelson loves a Center who can shoot a 20 food jumper. I don't know why, he just does. And Barbosa is rumored to be on the block as well.

The only player that the Warriors should keep is Biedrins. An Amare/Andres tandem at PF/C would be unstoppable offensively. The Warriors can only improve at rebounding. Sure, defensively they'd still be terrible, but what can you do?

Even if the Warriors had cap money in 2010 Oakland is a Free Agent wasteland. They're never going to sign a premier Free Agent unless they get a lot better. Stoudemire would make them a lot better and they won't have to cross their fingers and hope to sign him. They could open up the bank and RE-sign him as part of a rejuvenated Warriors line-up.

What would it take to get Amare and Barbosa? What do the Suns want? Monta Ellis playing with Steve Nash should be exciting. Sure, neither of them defends, but Ellis when healthy can hit the mid-range jumper as good as anyone in the league and the Suns want a shooter who could spell Nash a little at Point. Jackson is a playoff veteran who can play D when motivated. If he's not the focal point of your offense he's a valuable player. And he can handle backup point duties as well. So those two are the main pieces in the deal.

Flip a coin to see if Phoenix gets Wright or Randolph. They're the same player. So Phoenix would have a young tall guy to build towards the future. And then they can have their choice of Maggette, Azabuike or Crawford. Or they could mix and match those guys to make the salaries add up. Heck, throw in Turiaf if the Suns want a back-up big.

So in 2009-10 the Warriors have:
PG -- Barbosa/Unknown Free Agent/ or #1 draft pick.
SG -- Whoever is left over from Crawford/Maggette and Azabuike.
SF -- Wright or Randolph (whoever is left)
PF/C Biedrins and Stoudemire. They could play either position and back each other up. They play complementary positions because Biedrins doesn't clog the lane or demand the ball like Shaq-fu does in Phoenix.

Bench: Bellinelli, Azabuike, Morrow and Turiaf.

Amare wants to be the focal point of an offense and Nelson would accomodate him. He could lead the league in scoring. He would be the stud of the future with the Warriors and could be the Warriors first All-Star since... I've forgotten. (No, Baron missed the All-Star team both years in Oakland.)

Damn, it makes too much sense. No one reads this site but if Rowell is googling "Great Warrior trades" maybe we get lucky.

Since this is pretty much a fantasy trade I'd make similar deals for the likes of Elton Brand, Shawn Marion, or another player of note.

Best wishes

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