Friday, February 27

Random Observations

So Stephan the bald, German jerk on Top Chef got jobbed. It was too bad, as he won everything else, but apparently a frozen brown banana on a stick isn't Top Chef-worthy.

What galls me about the win by the other bald, less talented chef, is that Hosea played the mediocre safe and boring strategy that wins Survivor every year. You know, don't make any waves. Fly under the radar. And pretend to get it on with an annoying chick so the producers will keep you on the show longer. Top Chef used to be better. It's still the best reality show on TV, but it's officially jumped the shark with this one. Sure, the Producers have to mix it up and make it "unpredictable" but by doing so you sacrifice the show's integrity.

The Top Chef should be the BEST Chef, not the Best Reality TV Strategy Chef.

When I create my own shows, I'll figure out a way to stop the assault of the mediocres.

So the Warriors didn't do anything at the trade deadline. In fact, they passed up a rumored Maggette and Williams back to the Clippers for Baron trade. Why did they do that? I guess Baron's act wore out and Maggette is more fun in the locker room. I don't know. People forget the Warriors won 48 games in the super challenging west last year with Baron. They were really, really close from... not sucking. I guess the Lakers would still beat them, but as a Warriors fans all we have are hopes and dreams, Rick Barry and the dim imaginings of an unstoppable legend named Wilt.


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