Tuesday, March 3

Troll Hall of Fame #1: Socrates

Welcome to the Troll Hall of Fame!  
This is the inaugural post honoring great Trolls from history and literature.  

For us "Troll" is a term of endearment.  Our Troll Hall of Fame honors great men and women from history and literature who are a little uncouth, unshaven and unmannerly.  They are true outsiders and original thinkers.  Sure, they may drink a little, or a lot.  And they don't always conform to society's rules of decorum.  But they know how to have a good time.  And they have stamped their muddy footprints on the world's culture and history.

Socrates (469 BC - 399 BC) -- Socrates lived and philosophized in Ancient Athens.  Through his influential teachings of Plato, Socrates has become the Great, Great, Great Grandfather of Modern Philosophy.  Socrates famously said that his wisdom was limited to an awareness of his own ignorance.  He also famously said: "Pass the bacon."  We wholeheartedly endorse both sentiments here at Mystery Club Adventures.

Socrates was a Troll triple-threat.  He was a philosopher/glutton/Bad-ass.  Socrates was an Athenian war hero, fighting in the battles of Potidaea, Delium and Amphipolis.  He was cited for bravery when after the losing battle of Delium, Socrates kept his head and successfully led his retreating Athenian regiment to safety.

Socrates was fond of parties, and several of Plato's dialogues featuring Socrates took place at dinner parties.  Since Socrates apparently never charged for his philosophical services, he was a freeloader, showing up and getting drunk on someone else's dime.  

Socrates' philosophy was to emphasize self-reflection.  He said man's higher ambition was to seek knowledge and virtue, and to achieve goodness.  Socrates was famously put on trial for trying to corrupt the Athenian youths by teaching them free thought and to question authority. 

He also famously suggested that only smart people (philosophers) were suited to lead the government.  

Socrates led a life-long pursuit of truth, justice and free booze.  Socrates is the Patron Saint of Trolls.  Huzzah!

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